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Specialized Diploma

1Diploma in Advertising Management
2Diploma in Agriculture Management
3Diploma in Audit Management
4Diploma in Bio-Technology Management
5Diploma in BPO Management
6Diploma in Business Administration
7Diploma in Call Center Management
8Diploma in Chartered Finance Management
9Diploma in Communication Management
10Diploma in Construction Management
11Diploma in Consumer Behavior
12Diploma in Corporate Law
13Diploma in Corporate Training
14Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting
15Diploma in Customer Care Management
16Diploma in Customer Relations Management
17Diploma in Cyber Law Management
18Diploma in Dairy Management
19Diploma in E-Business Systems
20Diploma in E-Commerce
21Diploma in Energy Management
22Diploma in Entrepreneur Management
23Diploma in Environmental Studies Equality
24Diploma in Event Management
25Diploma in Export Management
26Diploma in Fashion Management
27Diploma in Finance Management
28Diploma in Financial Institution Management
29Diploma in Foreign Exchange Management
30Diploma in Foreign Trade
31Diploma in General Management
32Diploma in Hardware Management
33Diploma in Health Care Management
34Diploma in Health Management
35Diploma in Holistic Management
36Diploma in Hospital Administration
37Diploma in Hospital Management
38Diploma in Hospitality Management
39Diploma in Hotel Management
40Diploma in Human Resource Management
41Diploma in Industrial Management
42Diploma in Industrial Marketing
43Diploma in Information Technology
44Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
45Diploma in Interior Management
46Diploma in International Finance Management
47Diploma in International Management
48Diploma in International Trade
49Diploma in Investment Analysis Management
50Diploma in Investment Management
51Diploma in Labor Law Management
52Diploma in Library Management
53Diploma in Logistics Management
54Diploma in Market Risk Management
55Diploma in Marketing Management
56Diploma in Mass Communication
57Diploma in Materials Management
58Diploma in Media Management
59Diploma in Mutual Funds Management
60Diploma in Networking Management
61Diploma in Operations Management
62Diploma in Packaging Management
63Diploma in Personal Management
64Diploma in Petroleum Management
65Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management
66Diploma in Portfolio Management
67Diploma in Production Management
68Diploma in Project Management
69Diploma in Public Administration
70Diploma in Public Relations Management
71Diploma in Purchasing Management
72Diploma in Research Management
73Diploma in Retail Management
74Diploma in Risk and Insurance Management
75Diploma in Risk Management
76Diploma in Rural Management
77Diploma in Safety Management
78Diploma in Sales & Distribution
79Diploma in Sales Management
80Diploma in Software Management
81Diploma in Supply Chain Management
82Diploma in Take Over & Acquisition Management
83Diploma in Taxation Management
84Diploma in Telecom Management
85Diploma in Textile Management
86Diploma in Total Quality Management
87Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management